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Booze it up at our two BAD SANTA screenings this December with beer specials

Screw holiday cheer! This December we're giving Christmas curmudgeons something to cheer about with two beer specials-filled screenings of BAD SANTA.

Booze it up at our two BAD SANTA screenings this December with beer specials

Ah, Christmas. A time for family, friendship and good cheer. Or, if you're anything like Billy Bob Thornton's alcoholic thief in BAD SANTA, December is just another month to drown your sorrows and depression under as much cheap booze and cheaper women as you can possibly procure. But at least now you can drink while wearing a Santa hat.

Join us in December for two screenings of Terry Zwigoff's depressingly dark (but hugely hilarious) comedy BAD SANTA. Thornton stars as a con man who pays for a year's worth of binge drinking and cheap sex by posing as Santa Claus once a year and robbing malls blind. This isn't a Christmas movie for those that like to hold hands and sing songs about friendship. This is a holiday classic for the inner asshole in all of us — the person who would rather spend the yuletide season pounding shots than wrapping presents. As such, we'll be presenting a selection of beer specials at each screening — giving you a chance to take a break from the unrelenting cheerfulness of the holiday season and embrace the drunk Santa that lives in all of us. 

At both screenings, we'll have an opportunity for you to take your holiday picture with a genuine surly (slightly intoxicated) Santa Claus. So show up early if you want to sit on Santa's lap.

Don't miss this anti-holiday classic. If you're extra naughty, we might even give you a hand-carved pickle this Christmas.

Wednesday, December 7 @ 7:30 PM — West Oaks

Thursday, December 22 @ 7:30 PM — Mason Park


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