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Best of Austin party recap

Last night was the Best of Austin party for the new Chronicle issue, and even though I didn't win anything personally this year (c'mon! what boy band is better than CF?), I still got to stop by to partake in the free food and beer as a representative of the Alamo, which won best movie theater and best cheap date place. We've won best movie theater for a few years now, so there wasn't the same sense of excitement that some of the first time winners were feeling, but it's still always nice to know that we're still doing things right and that people are taking notice. If we lost to a Cinemark or something, that'd be a really bad sign for the direction this town is heading in...


The party was at Mercury Hall, which is really well-suited for weddings but worked for a mingling party just fine, too. There was plenty of Curra's (no surprise to people that have been to other Chronicle parties), an open bar with some wine or Dos XX or Lone Star, and a lot of interesting people from the city.

Mingling with the other winners is always my favorite part of the BoA party, and this year was no less fascinating. I got to sit down and eat my Curra's at a table with Erin and Michael from Bird's Barbershop (winners: Best Barbershop) and then they had the Homeslice Pizza people sit down with us (winners: Best Italian Renaissance - you thought I was going to say pizza, huh?) and the people from the crepe trailer on South Lamar joined us, too. Then I got to listen in as they all talked about what it's been like to start a business in town this year, until I started to need another drink.

I walked across the lawn and tapped this guy who was talking to people from Coldtowne and Parrellogramophonograph on the back because I thought he was a friend of mine, but he turned out to be a complete stranger. He was in a good mood, though, and it somehow ended up where I didn't feel as flushed as I should have for totally misidentifying who someone was. Mental note: study my friends' backsides so future shoulder tappings can all be correct.

Tim came by and we went over towards where Kier-la was talking to Robert and Josh, and I think that their awards are my favorites. Robert started this Hancock Hangabouts MySpace group awhile back and it won something, and Kier-la's Music Mondays won "Best Reason Why Mondays Don't Totally Suck" or something to that effect.

Then I got to talk to the Chronicle proofer staff and told Darcie Stevens all about how I was going to corrupt her little sister Caitlin (who you might know as my Sing-Along intern), and Darcie tried to get upset but realized that corrupt little sisters are just an undeniable part of growing up.

All in all, not a bad party. I do prefer the Chron Christmas party, though, because there's nothing more entertaining than a bunch of writers and editors getting sloshed and singing karaoke. But that's only a few months away now...

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