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Because The Air Sex Documentary Needs To Happen

The Air Sex World Championships, a show that began at the Alamo Drafthouse, is finally getting its own documentary, and you can help make it happen.

Because The Air Sex Documentary Needs To Happen

You love Austin.
You love the Alamo Drafthouse.
You love independent films.
You love comedy.
You love sex.

And right this minute, there’s a documentary being filmed that smooshes all of your above loves together into one delicious, fatty sandwich for your entertainment-starved brain to munch on…and you can be a part of it.

For the past five years, the Air Sex World Championships has been a mega-popular staple of the Drafthouse’s live programming, with shows taking place year-round. Masterminded by Drafthouse owner Tim League and hosted by comedian Chris Trew (owner of downtown Austin’s The New Movement improv theater), Air Sex has turned into a worldwide phenomenon.

A bizarre mixture of karaoke, sports, and public simulated masturbation, Air Sex has been delighting and confusing audiences in bars and theaters across America as a raunchy, sexy, and downright hilarious exploration of modern sexual ideals and fantasies. Along the way, it’s been featured on America’s Got Talent, The Bad Girls Club, Real Time with Bill Maher, countless print and online publications, and it’s even the subject of an upcoming locally produced romantic comedy feature called The Bounceback.

The 2013 Air Sex tour just started crawling up the east coast of America, and while that’s happening, a New Orleans filmmaker named Jonathan Evans and a small crew will be documenting all the ups, downs, drama, comedy, and imaginary humping that unfolds during every minute of it.

Evans hopes to make a documentary that explores not only the funny and oddly competitive aspects of Air Sex, but will also delve into why we as an experimental, sex-obsessed culture can also be so repressed and shy about our sexuality.

Evans and his crew have managed to raise enough production funds to cover most of their shooting expenses while on the road, but they need help covering some of their estimated post-production costs ($15k, but honestly, that’s being very modest).

So Evans launched a Kickstarter campaign that has all sorts of fun rewards for anyone who donates to the project, including posters, digital downloads of the finished film, private Air Sex shows, appearances in the movie, and of course, the requisite title of Executive Producer for those who REALLY want to get involved.

The campaign has already raised over $1,000, but with less than a month left to secure the rest of their funding goal (or they get none of it), Evans and his team need any and all support that they can wrangle right now.

So head on over to Kickstarter to watch a great teaser trailer for the film, as well as to get all the details and updates about the tour all summer long. And if you really believe in Air Sex and this project, send this post and/or the Kickstarter link to all of your friends, family, and social media followers.

Let’s keep supporting good indie film projects. The future generations of film geeks will be so grateful for it.

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