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For the past few years, the Alamo Village has been showing Battlestar Galactica commercial-free. Unfortunately, during the final episode ever (!) we lost our signal. At first, we were unsure if some someone just frakked our FTL drive, but it  turned out that this was part of a greater conspiracy as the signal was disrupted in areas throughout our fine city. Luckily we rebooted our toasters and we are going to show the finale again...for the first time.

We are going all out this time with all sorts of surprises we can't mention at the moment! We will also be showing all parts of Daybreak including the previous 1 hour episode and the final 2 hour finale. We will also start the showing earlier than normal at 11:45pm instead of midnight.

This is a limited engagement for those of you who were on the losing end last week. If you would like to join us please email [email protected] and if you can forward a copy of your receipt from last week so we can confirm that you were here. This is free to all those who purchased vouchers and were unable to see the finale.

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