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Austin’s King of Kong: Night 1

Wow. I just got out of the hosting the first two KING OF KONG Donkey Kong competitions, and all I can say is, "Dang!" Austin has some GOOD Donkey Kong players. How did this happen? Why Donkey Kong? For some reason, I can understand when people are masters of Ms. Pacman; I think it's just because I still see that game in the arcade.

Wait. Are there arcades anymore? I saw it in the arcades 5 years ago, anyway.

But Donkey Kong I haven't seen in decades. Personally, I forgot about just the second screen, when you have to make Donkey Kong fall on his head. Not these players, though, no way.

Bringing people up at random was pretty fun, and it let us watch a little kid play, who after successfully jumping two barrels and hearing the audience clap told us, "I'm really good because I have this game. I have it at home." That was nice.

Some of the Big Kong Champs couldn't handle the suspense of waiting to find out if their raffle ticket would get called out, though, so they started PAYING people for their winning ticket. One guy at the 7pm show paid $20 to play Donkey Kong. That's why I love this city: We take our classic arcade games SERIOUSLY.

The 9:45 show only had one guy who was able to make it past the 5 minute mark necessary to qualify for the finals on Sunday, but he was GOOD. He was the last one to play so I let him go for an extra few minutes, and I have a feeling that I'd still be down there watching him play now if we hadn't needed to start the movie. We'll see how it shakes down on Sunday afternoon...

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