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Austin Beer Week at South Lamar

As I'm sure many of you already know, the first ever Austin Beer Week is just around the corner (and if you didn't know, this is your wake-up call).

There'll be all sorts of fantastic beer-related events going on in bars and restaurants across Austin, and the Alamo Drafthouse is very pleased to be part of it.

The centrepiece of festivities here at South Lamar is a beer feast featuring Live Oak Brewing and a screening of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Chef John Bullington has put together a splendid five-course menu of German, French and Jewish dishes, each of which has been paired with a Live Oak beer chosen by Chip McElroy and his friends at the brewery. You can view the menu and buy tickets for the feast here.

Throughout the week we'll have extra Badass Beers on tap and in bottles (one of the drafts is exceptionally rare - check the Drafthouse Twitter feed for announcements), and there'll be random logo glass giveaways. Now, when I say random, I mean really random - no specific days or times, no announcements, just pot luck as to whether you get a plain old pint glass, or a logo glass to take home and cherish.  I've cleared out our stash of leftover promotional glasses and got a bunch of new ones in, so you might get your beer in a glass with that beer's logo on it, or you might find yourself with a glass sporting the logo of a beer we had earlier this year. Some of these glasses are a bit special, collectible even, and at least two of them are imperial (20oz) pints so you'll be getting an extra 20% for free! (no refills, please).

Let's raise a glass of honest-to-goodness craft beer to Austin Beer Week and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, and hope that this is the first of many more to come.

Jim Hughes, Head Beer Nerd, Alamo South Lamar “If I had all the money I’ve spent on drink… I’d spend it on drink.” ~ Sir Henry Rawlinson

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