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Are you tough enough?  Wednesday night of Depravity at the Ritz!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Alamo Drafthouse will soon bring to you the most nightmarish, the most disgusting, the most mind-blurring night of cinema ever thought up. Never has the screen been so ravaged by insanity. Never has madness been allowed such free range.

Wednesday night there's an unofficial double feature that is sure to test your strength and endurance. The night starts at 7:00 with Harmony Korine's TRASH HUMPERS, an assault on good taste and quality filmmaking. This rough picture emulates the look and feel of a VHS-era, sub-consumer grade video camera home movie with the morality of a gang of filthy Satanists. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian writes of the film, "It sendeth acid rain on the just and the unjust. It is a downpour on those who admire good taste, and those who admire bad taste. George Clooney fans will have a fit of the vapours...It is an exercise in experimental provocation and in pure insolence."

When we played TRASH HUMPERS at SXSW, we AVERAGED an unprecedented 35 walk-outs per screening. Like, "No, I can't sit through this indecency anymore," that kind of walk-outs.

Immediately after TRASH HUMPERS, at 9:30, we'll be showing the deranged masterpiece FINAL FLESH. Written and formed by surreal madman Vernon Chatman, who wrote/directed/created WONDER SHOWZEN, the most bizarre television show ever thought up, FINAL FLESH presents four short films about the end of the world produced by barely-capable custom adult-video makers. The dialogue and action is sinister, including a misreading of the Koran on a toilet, a cheese job, and the worst kind of seashell play you've ever seen.

This nasty little video will be accompanied by Vernon Chatman, who will be on hand to answer any of your perplexedly perverse questions.

Here's what people are saying about FINAL FLESH:

"Perhaps the most exciting idea to hit filmmaking since porn itself, and much smarter. The viewer's mind reels trying to find a consistent point of the compass from which to approach FINAL FLESH. You don't know whether to laugh with the movie and performers, or at them, or even at yourself for watching! I've NEVER felt that discombobulating exhilaration before! And the dialogue is positively jagged with mad lines that would hurt J.J.Hunsecker's feelings. I could sense the jealous ghosts of Dali and Bunuel trying to kick my DVD player to shit. Vernon Chatman has pushed Warholian delegation of creation to degrees that would flip Andy's wig! Embrace the Flesh!!!!"-Guy Maddin, director of THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD

"After watchin this film i started drinking mouth wash on the rocks."-Harmony Korine, director of TRASH HUMPERS

The only question is, Can you take it? Can you make it through two of the most provocative and creepy features ever assembled? Yes, we're crazy for programming it. Will you be crazy enough to try to make it through? Can you handle all of the filth?

TRASH HUMPERS at 7:00 FINAL FLESH at 9:30 @Ritz.


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