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Announcing the TRON ARCADE GAME Winners!

Edit: (1/26/11) The original Lake Creek winner never got back to us, so Matt McClellan is the lucky recipient of the Lake Creek machine!

Oh damn, you guys. The time has finally come. We've had these bad boys in our lobbies (Alamo S. Lamar & Alamo Lake Creek) for months now (since September!), and we're finally ready to part with them.

We had nearly 2000 people sign up to win these amazingly old school cabinets. Most of those sign-ups were at S. Lamar, where I personally witnessed people of all ages kicking ass in the Grid arena. I don't have documentation of the high-scores, but I do have documentation of everyone that signed up to win them...

Announcing the winners! Congratulations to Holly Gaete (S. Lamar machine) and Matt McClellan (Lake Creek machine)! You guys are soon to be the coolest people in your neighborhood. You both received an email from myself, so get back to me ASAP!

To those that did not win, bummer dudes. On the plus side, you got to play a pretty sweet game AND you'll be receiving our never-boring weekly emails for as long as you'd like! If you signed up recently, we haven't gotten all the emails into our system yet, but everyone should receive the newest one this week (usually on Wednesday evening).

If you'd like to sign-up for weekly updates, go here!

Thanks for playing, we'll see you all in the grid.

PS - If you haven't gotten a chance to play the game yet, they'll be hanging around for at least another week! Go easy on them though. Don't wanna ruin the fun for Holly and Matt!


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