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Ann Richards School, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD came to the Alamo!

We had the opportunity to watch TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and celebrate the ultimate tough girl along side Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. 

Ann Richards School, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD came to the Alamo!

We had the opportunity to host the entire eighth grade class from the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders at the Alamo Slaughter location yesterday.  The girls came out for a special screening of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, which they just finished reading in English class.  The screening was co-hosted by the Drafthouse and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and featured a special video introduction by Amy Poehler.  We were fortunate to be joined by Meredith Walker from Smart Girls and Sloan McLain, Austin ISD's 2013 Elementary Teacher of the Year.  Sloan now works with the school district to integrate the fine arts into classroom instruction.

After the film, Sloan, Meredith and I sat down with the girls to talk about the film.

Since the story is told from Scout's point of view and because she is such a great example of a Smart Girl, we talked specifically about how she found ways to stand up and speak up about the things going on in her town.  We agreed that it is pretty hard to know what to do as a young person when you see someone being treated unfairly.  We discussed different ways you can intervene in a situation like that - by being an ally to the victim, confronting the bully, serving as a witness or reporter of the event, or even just by creating a distraction when tensions are high. 

Many of the girls were first time Alamo guests and were AMAZING - there's nothing cooler than seeing 130 middle school students totally focused on the movie, with no technology distractions and very little talking.  The entire theater gasped in unison when Scout sees Boo behind the door after the attack by Mr. Ewell. It was awesome.

This was a great kickoff to our ongoing partnership with Smart Girls.  Look for new Smart Girl screenings, with video introductions from Amy Poehler, and free discussion guides in 2014.  We'd love your ideas about Smart Girl films you'd like to see--films with strong female characters, created by female writers and directors, and especially films that are inspired or adapted from literature.

P.S.  We also discussed the pros and cons of dressing up in a awkward ham costume for a Halloween pagent, because that is a seriously weird choice.

P.P.S. You have two more chances to watch TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at the Alamo featuring Amy Poehler's introduction. You can check out showtimes and grab tickets here


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