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Alamo Goes to Camp POSTPONED

It's just too damn hot!

Alamo Goes to Camp POSTPONED

Dear Friends, loyal patrons and intrepid would-be campers,

Due the extreme prolonged heat this summer and the severe draught, we've decided it just makes plain good sense to postpone our ALAMO GOES TO CAMP event for the benefit of everyone's health and enjoyment.

We are currently working on setting a new date, but it will most likely be the second weekend of October. We'll send along another update as soon as the date is confirmed.

If you bought a ticket to camp already, we understand that the change of date won't work for everyone, and we are gladly offering refunds for anyone who wants one at any point. However, if you'd prefer, you are welcome to hang onto to your ticket(s) and come join us for our new date in October. And if that new date does not work for you, again, we'll gladly give a refund.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience. We're still extremely excited to make this event happen and we hope you all can still join us when it happens!

Your Friends at the Alamo

Important note: For refunds or questions, simply leave a comment on the blog or email [email protected] directly. 


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