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Alamo Drafthouse Unveils Our New Logo!

That title basically tells you all you need to know. The Alamo Drafthouse has been rockin' the same logo for a little over 12 years. What started as our vertical neon sign outside of the Alamo Drafthouse on Colorado St., and then turned into the horizontal logo you see at the top of our webpage, has now morphed into something sleeker.

We hired local design firm Guerilla Suit to develop a new logo, using the same basic ideas and principles that we started with. In the upcoming months, you can expect to see a new website (that finally merges &, new menu designs, and we'll have some fancy new business cards!

Check out the video below to hear Tim League, Henri Mazza, and Moody and Kevin from Guerilla Suit talk shop about the process behind our new logo. Also, find out why Tim almost called the theater The Tasty Burger, why we're the Alamo to begin with, and what happens when designers get giddy and excited about a new design.

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