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Alamo Yonkers Welcomes Executive Chef Lupe Gutierrez

Get to know Chef Lupe!

Alamo Yonkers Welcomes Executive Chef Lupe Gutierrez

Introducing Lupe Gutierrez as Alamo Yonkers Executive Chef. He's our plate-finessing leader of the taste connoisseurs that work in the fires of the Drafthouse kitchen.

Lupe's culinary inspiration draws from life experience growing up abroad in Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan.  His eclectic tastes led him between the music and service industry alternating a job at a Middle Eastern restaurant in San Antonio with a stint with Suretone Records, bringing him to Chicago, Alaska and the food mecca of New York: Flushing and Corona, Queens. 

Lupe returned to Texas in 2009, when he began working the various kitchens of Austin's five Alamo Drafthouse locations, taking most pride in his development of  some of their most celebrated feasts (most memorable of which: Boogie Nights Beer Dinner.) Lupe listens to metal in the kitchen and he likes his movies just as hard.  Some of his favorite films include Reservoir Dogs, Elephant and Last Days.

Lupe is enthusiastic about opening New York's first theater because he knows it’s a big move for the company and wants to be a part of it.  Lupe is excited about supporting local products and believes getting to know the farmers and growers is as much as of a gift as the quality of their products.  He believes food culture is all about supporting each other and is excited about showcasing local food partners throughout Westchester.

Highlights from our get-to-know lightning round:

Favorite Drink: Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils and lots of lots of Whiskey.

Favorite Cartoon Character: Drinky Crow.

Favorite Movie Quote: Jack: "I'm not going to shoot you in the state you're in!" Dirk: "State? State of California? I know where the f**k I am, Jack!"

Favorite Late Night Snack: It’s always gotta be pizza. Pepperoni.

Power Animal: A double headed tiger. (And he has a tattoo to prove it.)


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