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Academy Award Live Action and Animated Shorts are coming!

LET'S POLLUTE, One of the Animated Nominees

Starting next Friday February 11, we'll be opening the Academy Award Nominated Short Film Programs. Short films are the place to find some of the most daring ideas and promising talents in film. We get so few chances to see short films in a theatrical context which is why we're proud to present these shows every year. There are two separate programs: Animated and Live Action. We will alternate the screening times.

Here are the programs:


Day & Night (D. Teddy Newton for Pixar)
When Day and Night meet, their mutual suspicion and jealousy give rise to an escalating competition.

The Gruffalo (D. Jakob Schuh and Max Lang)
A tiny mouse goes for a walk in the forest and must outwit a fox, an owl, and a snake.

Let’s Pollute (D. Geefwee Boedoe)
The time-honored tradition of polluting is examined in a parody of educational science films from the 1950s and 1960s.

The Lost Thing (D. Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann)
A young boy finds a strange creature on the beach and decides to find it a home.

Madagascar, carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a Journey Diary) (D. Bastien Dubois)
A European traveler records his efforts to come to terms with the unfamiliarity of Madagascan culture.


The Confession (D. Tanel Toom)
A young boy preparing for his first confession worries that he has no sins to report, so he enlists a friend's help in committing one.

The Crush (D. Michael Creagh)
Eight-year-old Ardal has a crush on his teacher and is devastated to learn she has a fiancé.

God of Love (D. Luke Matheny)
A love triangle between two musicians and a young woman takes a surprising turn when one of them finds a collection of magical darts.

Na Wewe (D. Ivan Goldschmidt)
In 1994, as the Rwandan genocide spills over into neighboring Burundi, a bus is attacked by a group of rebels.

Wish 143 (D. Ian Barnes and Samantha Waite)
When a terminally ill young boy is granted a wish by a charitable foundation, he makes a surprising request.
Tickets for these shows will go on sale on Monday February 7. Venue will be either Ritz or Lamar.

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