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A Special Note about the Austin Classical Guitar Society

We're partnering with the Austin Classical Guitar Society next week for a pair of events that will be absolutely transplendent. On Wednesday, June 23 at 8pm at the Long Center, we're partnering on a performance by the Grammy Winning LA Guitar Quartet with Phil Proctor. Following that show, our Rolling Roadshow is presenting the classical guitar movie CROSSROADS with the much loved “Master Pancake Theater.” This is going to be outside the Long Center on the terrace, and will be Free and open to the public!

Tim League, big wig of the Alamo Drafthouse, is especially excited and proud about this event, and he wants to send out this statement about this great little festival:

"I wanted to alert everyone to a point of Austin civic pride that you may not know about: The Austin Classical Guitar Society. We are home to by far the largest and most active classical guitar society in the world, and through their efforts, they are teaching over 700 students in Austin the art of the classical guitar. Most of these kids had never picked up an instrument before, but were lured by the "cool factor" of the guitar.

Next week, this same group is hosting the Austin Goes Classical Music Festival at the Long Center (June 22nd to 27th). The festival brings together 12 artistic partners from the Austin Symphony, Zach Scott Theater, and Austin Classical Guitar Society to the Alamo Drafthouse, Austin Children's Museum, the Long Center, and Texas Performing Arts. There will be over 60 events in 6 days including a children’s show with the Biscuit Brothers and free Blue Bell, Austin's crown jewel of chamber music The Miro Quartet, classical guitar superstars like Pepe Romero and the LA Guitar Quartet, the Austin Symphony with Peter Bay, and the world’s most prestigious international classical guitar competition.

I personally will be attending as many events as I can and I hope to see as many of you out as possible."
(Tim League, founder/CEO Alamo Drafthouse Cinema)

Tickets are online at or on the phone at 512-474-LONG. The general info hotline is 512-300-2247.


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