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86 BR - Theater 1 is looking like a theater!

It seems my last post caused a controversy. Not only are there some very impassioned comments posted to 31BR about the lack of changeover in theater 1, but when I showed up to work yesterday Andrew greeted me with a very dry, "It's Afsheen, the blogger." He said that since I wrote about changeover at the Ritz, he's been getting phone calls from "everyone." Andrew wanted to clarify that he is "open" to the idea of having changeover, it just depends on many factors, the main one being space.

I brought up the issue when I saw Tim in Santa Cruz and he told me that the Alamo Drafthouse has signed contracts to go digital in 2008. I should have pressed the matter about losing changeover in the big house, but failed on that account. I think I got sidetracked raising a screen or something. I have since asked if he had any comment on this and he said "not yet." Both Tim and Andrew seem to have a "wait and see" attitude about this as Tim also gave me the impression that changeover in theater 1 is not ruled out. More on this as it develops.

As for what's going on at the Ritz right now: Pretty much all of the framing for theater 1 is done. The theater's side walls have to wait until concrete is poured, but the entire screen wall, stage and risers for the seating are done. And theater 2 needs its screen wall, also waiting for a last concrete pour in there. Plumbing work is coming along and it looks like almost all of the water lines are in. We're still waiting to tie into the water mains, but Daniel assured me that progress is being made on that front. Air conditioning work continues, and guys were climbing around in the attic doing who knows what kind of duct work up there.

In the lobby, you can see where the bar is going to be. Mike Lucas, who you may know from our downtown kitchen, will be our head bartender. He's going to be meeting with Mike Sherril at the Ritz this week to go over bar design, so things in that area should be shaping up pretty darn quick, too.

More details accompany the Flickr pics.

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