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48 BR - Stairway to heaven

*collective groan* Alright, the title is cheesy, but I had to do it.

It has been a while since I've been to the Ritz, and even longer since I've posted an update. Sorry about that. But a lot has been accomplished.

One big deal is that the stairs to theaters 1 and 2 have been built. Both of the theaters have also had significant work done as well. In theater 2 we have seen the building of the soundproof wall AND the screen wall. When I was there today, finishing touches were being applied to the entrance area of this theater. In theater 1 much of the wall structure work for the back of the theater, manager's office, runner's station and customer and employee entrances have been completed. Most notably in Theater 1, however, has to be the balconies: They have had railings and necessary sheetrock installed. They are almost completed.

The kitchen and bar areas have all had FRP installed on the walls. And when I was there today there were a couple of guys installing vent hoods and stainless in the kitchen. It looks like pretty much all of the wall structure work for the bar, kitchen, server area and bathrooms have been completed.

And even the elevator shaft was getting some attention today as rails are being installed. Check out the pics for more!

Alamo @ The Ritz set 4

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