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48-Hour Machinima Filmmaking Challenge

It’s not easy making traditional films: you have to manage a budget, deal with high maintenance actors, choreograph dangerous special effects, secure locations, convince the owner of a local pizzeria to donate something to the craft services table. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Enter the ever-developing genre known as Machinima, where all of those concerns are a thing of the past.  Machinima is a relatively new way of filmmaking that utilizes the technology that is already built into videogames and re-purposes it for endless creative possibilities.

Rather than bug all of your friends to dress up like zombies- why not use the zombies from Left 4 Dead?  Rather than have an emaciated little girl tracking bloody footprints everywhere- why not just use Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.? Machinima gives the creators complete control of a virtual world that otherwise would be unattainable.  Day by day, it is becoming a more widely accepted medium. Click HERE for more information about the genre.

This year, Fantastic Fest proudly unveils a new branch of the festival dubbed Fantastic Arcade and one of the many ways we are integrating the two is thru our 48-hr Machinima Filmmaking Challenge.  We will provide registered teams with a prompt and a genre on Friday September 10th and give teams until Sunday the 12th to let their imaginations run wild and try their hand at taking home the prizes and the glory.  Let’s face it- this is a much more fun weekend project than finishing that fence in the backyard.

We’ll be giving away over $4,000 worth of prizes from our partners at Dell as well as a fantastic amount of glory. The first place team receives a Dell XPS 7100 PC including Eyefinity triple-monitor capability and hardware, plus 3 graphics cards ($ 2,500 value) and the second place team receives a Dell Inspiron M501R notebook and three graphics cards ($1,500 value)! In addition to the outlandish prizes for the best productions, the fine folks at Rooster Teeth will be recognizing excellence in Machinima acting! The winner of the Best Actor/Actress award will have a chance to perform their very own walk-on role in an upcoming Red vs Blue episode!

For more information and to register for this FREE filmmaking challenge, click HERE !


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