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26 BR - Opening day Nov 2?

I just got an email from Karen, the Ritz's general manager. It was concerning server staffing schedules, but in it she says, "We are slated for November 2nd being the grand opening with October 30th and November 1 being our two practice runs for friends and families." Now, this didn't come from Tim and so hasn't been verified. But he's coming over to my place for dinner tonight and I'm going to refuse to feed him until I get some sort of confirmation on this info. So check back soon.

I also went to the Ritz yesterday and took a few more pictures. It is really difficult right now because many of the worker lights have been taken out and many of the permanent lights have still yet to be activated. Also, with the stuff going on right now, it is hard to get pictures of progress. Almost every photo I take looks like the one I took last week. So I'm constantly trying to take photos of new things, hence the small number of them. Don't worry, you aren't missing out on anything. If I don't have a photo of it, it's because it still looks the same. I know it sounds like I'm just making excuses. But imagine where we'd be if I was saying there's still so much to take pictures of because there's so much to be done.

Notable notables on this recent trip: there are door frames installed everywhere. There were also some doors sitting in the lobby, waiting to go up. Manager's office is completely walled in and more sound insulation is going up in Theater 2. There is also the beginning of tile work in the area right outside of the bathrooms and the elevator just needs buttons and power to be complete. Also, there were a couple of guys working on the ceiling of Theater 1, it looked like they were texturing it.

UPDATE: I talked to Tim on Saturday night and he said that while the 2nd is not definite, they are shooting for that date. Actually, he said they are shooting for the 1st. He was also thoroughly soaked with sweat, having just come from sealing the floor of Theater 2. He also confirmed that the ceiling in Theater 1 is being painted and that seats will probably be installed in two weeks.

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