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173 BR - Concrete coming soon to an Alamo near you!

The big news this week is that we passed an inspection! That’s right, we passed our preliminary plumbing inspection. So this week saw the filling of those plumbing ditches and the spreading of clean fill in preparation for the laying of the concrete floor. There was also some more ditch digging, too (really, can there ever be enough?). These ditches are for the concrete footings for the steel columns that will make up an integral part of the interior structure. According to Daniel, the concrete footings might be poured this week, with the concrete floor pouring some time next week.

Highlights for this coming week: Air coolers are coming off the roof tomorrow morning at around 7:30. I asked Daniel if there was going to be a crane. “No,” he said. He indicated that it would be taken down by some “crazy guys with ropes.” Sounds exciting! He invited me along, but as I am projecting the final night of the Last Night at the Alamo Grindhouse, I’m not expecting to get much sleep before 7:30. We’ll see.

However, I will not miss the arrival of the grease trap on Friday. I’ll be there with camera at the ready as the trap is lowered into its ditch. I’ve never seen a grease trap. Come Friday, I can die knowing my life’s experiences are complete.
Fun fact: That big old grease trap will have a 1,000 gallon capacity. Honestly, I had no idea there was a need for a grease trap that big (shows what I know about grease traps). But I bet the Greasecar community would love to get their hands on our premium quality Alamo grease!

As always, more stunning photography in these Flickr photo sets:
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Note: This entry dated to mask my procrastination.

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