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157 BR - New Kids on the Block

Cinder blocks are here! Lots of ‘em (these are for the service elevator shaft). When I first saw this, it reminded me of the movie “Cube.” So I took a picture of it. But then I realized that it wasn’t really a cube. It didn’t seem as neat anymore.

Anyway, as you know we have concrete down. It looks really nice in there. The grease trap is in place and, after inspection, the hole will be filled and the entire thing covered with a nice concrete floor.

But it turns out that the event of pouring the concrete last Monday is as momentous an occasion as I had suspected. Now is when, as Tim says, “it’s about to get seriously busy.” How busy, you ask? Well, he gave me the short list of what’s in store for the place. Check this out:

“The grease trap is in place and we are aiming to pour the rest of the floor on Friday. The steel fabrication of the new building structure is set to start on Tuesday and the BIG coordination issue comes together on June 8. We're tearing off the rear of the roof this week, the big steel members are being lifted through the roof and the rear of the roof is being rebuilt. As soon as that work is done, we can put on the new roof, and begin the bulk of the framing. Once that's done, the electrical work can begin, as well as the ventilation and air conditioning. At that point, the space will really start to take shape.”

Tim also just got back from Houston where he went shopping for leather recliners for the VIP section. What VIP section, you ask? The larger theater will have an upper balcony, section right outside the projection booth that seats eight. Tim went to Gallery Furniture and found “quite a few very nice options” for these seats. He also got to meet “Mattress Mac.” Though I have no idea who this is, apparently ads for his store had him “flying around Houston, saving people money,” as Tim recounts it.

Fun fact: According to Daniel, we poured five trucks worth of cement, totaling 45 cubic yards (nine yards a truck – check out The Straight Dope for the controversy surrounding the term “The whole nine yards”).

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