Scary big screen. Startling sound.

The Big Show The Big Show


Step right up to see a freakishly huge cinematic experience like no other.

We created The Big Show format to harness the cutting edge of Premium Large Format technology, delivering what we believe is the biggest, boldest and purest way to see a film. Come one, come all, and experience The Big Show.

Hear The Big Show

The Big Show theaters use game-changing Dolby Atmos technology to provide a truly immersive, three-dimensional audio experience that’ll simply astonish.

Dolby Atmos doesn’t mean just putting up more speakers and it’s not something that only techies will notice -- it’s a complete rethink of film audio that leading directors and sound designers are harnessing to make rich, detailed and powerful experiences.

At Alamo Drafthouse we present movies with state-of-the-art image and sound with the ultimate goal of showing the movie exactly the way the director intended. Guests should be totally immersed in the movie and its story, and not distracted by anything else. The Big Show is our attempt to create the best film-watching experience possible. Mark Louis, Director of Presentation for Alamo Drafthouse

See The Big Show

The Big Show’s curved screens are premium quality, high-gain, and at least 66’ wide.

Each has been carefully calibrated by our most skilled projectionists to work with state-of-the-art RGB Laser system or 4K projection systems. And, to ensure the very best experience, our staff checks each screen after every single show to ensure we're always exceeding The Big Show projection standards.


The Big Show is more than just great picture and incredible sound. We’ve rethought the standard Alamo Drafthouse layout for The Big Show with 100% recliner seats and added space between rows. Everything in the theater is geared towards maximum visibility, ensuring every guest has a captivating experience.

The Big Show

is Coming To You!

We’re bringing The Big Show to new and existing Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country.

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