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Victory, Alamo’s New Loyalty Program, Launches in Yonkers!

Start earning reward points and get offers for tickets and other goodies.

Victory, Alamo’s New Loyalty Program, Launches in Yonkers!

Since we opened in August, we've heard our growing audience exclaim "I wish I could come to more! If only you had a rewards program!" Well we're happy to say that we now do, and you can get set up starting today!

Alamo founder and CEO Tim League has said:

"We’ve been talking about instituting a rewards program for years, but I was resistant to anything like a standard punch card. We’ve been in development for over a year on Alamo Victory and are really proud of the results.  We will be able to surprise you all with meaningful rewards and cool, unique events.

All Alamo Victory members will receive special offers and rewards such as free movie tickets, invitations to sneak previews, exclusive screenings and unique events, T-shirts, and DVDs. Every Alamo Victory member will receive at least two special offers each year in addition to a free movie ticket on their birthday."

Once enrolled, you'll receive not only our weekly newsletter letting you know what movies and events we have coming up, but also special offers on tickets, food and other surprises. Fear not - there will be no dirth of emails clogging your inbox. These will be messages you will be excited to receive!

Get yourself signed up today here. Since this is still a new program, your feedback is of course welcome and appreciated!


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