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Right This Way - A South Lamar Update

A lot of fine tuning has been going on in the South Lamar building, including tables in the theaters and officiall labels for the three new theaters.

Right This Way - A South Lamar Update

Lets start this latest tour of South Lamar from the outside.

The entrance from South Lamar Blvd is completed up to the point where it meets the Treadwell entrance. In this shot, you can also see that a little bit of work has begun in the plaza area directly in front of the Alamo entrance.

In the foreground is part of the Treadwell entrance driveway.

Here is a closer shot of what has been done in the plaza. Click here for a different view of the entrance to Alamo South Lamar.

Getting ready to pour concrete for the last segment of the driveway from Treadwell.

The Highball patio.

Inside the lobby, the mother ship awaits to ascend to the heavens.

A closer shot of the tail section of the mothership.

Inside the Highball, the bowling lane dance floor is close to complete.

Shelving on the back of the bar is being installed.

This elevated section here, which runs the length of this windowed wall, will have booths.

The hallway to the theaters. Click here to see a close up shot of the sign. 

The theater badges have two different faces. As you walk down the hallway from the lobby, you see this side of the theater badge. Click here to see a close up shot of this side of the sign. 

When you are coming from the other end of the theater (say if you are coming back from the restroom), you will see this side of the badge.  Click here to see a close up shot of this side of the sign.

Railings have been painted and doors installed on all the new theaters.

Carpet has been laid and tables installed inside the theaters. This is theater 1. Except for a little clean up, basically both theater 1 and 2 auditoriums are complete.

But as you can see here, theater three has just a little more work before it is complete.

Here is theater 4 (originally theater 1). What you can see in this photo is the new front row seating configuration.

This is theater 5 (originally theater 2) and its new front row seating configuration.

The karaoke hallway now has wall sconces.

There are some fancy lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling in the stairway to the karaoke rooms.

The projection booth cleans up nice.

It looks like the vents for the projectors are pretty much done and just need to be connected to the projectors themselves.

It had been so long since I’d been on the roof of the Alamo, which is pretty much exclusively where the first few months of photos for this project were taken back in 2013. So I ventured back up there on this trip to get a birds eye view of the complex. On the right is building one and on the left is building two.

This is one of the vantage points from which I used to take pictures of the progress of the theaters in the new Alamo South Lamar. Click here for to see a “before” picture.

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