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Projectionist goes totally insane, gets HUMAN CENTIPEDE tattoo…

When we think of South Lamar and Rolling Roadshow projectionist Dakota Milam we think about professionalism, dedication and thoroughness.

We also think he might be totally insane.

He recently got a tattoo gun and started spending most of his free time apparently tattooing every square inch of his frame.

But for his dream piece he went to his pal, the picturesquely named Jimmie Knuckles at Shaman Modifications, who created a simple but effective design based on Dakota's favorite movie and tattooed it on the tops of Dakota's feet. Considering the high ratio of nerve endings in the feet, Dakota no doubt screamed like a little girl from the agonizing pain. But some things are worth the pain and we'd have to say this falls into that category.

By the way Dakota, your health insurance covers psychiatric visits. Just saying...

If you haven't seen HUMAN CENTIPEDE yet, come see what all the ink is about, it's playing now at South Lamar.

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