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Back by Popular Demand! FINAL FLESH this Wednesday at the Ritz!!

Back in June, we were lucky enough to have been visited by Vernon Chatman, the creator of WONDER SHOWZEN, DOGGY FIZZLE TELEVIZZLE, XAVIER: RENEGADE ANGEL, and, I found out, the voice of Towelie on South Park. He came with his bizarro-masterpiece FINAL FLESH, which was actually the first ever theatrical exhibition of the film in its entirety.

Well, that experience was so awesome, even prompting Terror Tuesday Host/Alamo Programmer Zack Carlson to proclaim FINAL FLESH "The Film of the Year!" There was such an uproarious clamor for a repeat showing that we had to engage it for a special screening. This coming Wednesday, FINAL FLESH will be back, for the second-ever and possibly the last-ever showing.

Were you not part of the lucky few who got to glimpse part of heaven and most of Hell at the first FINAL FLESH showing? Here's the skinny: FINAL FLESH is not exactly a film, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s four short films based on a common premise and shot by four different “crews.” The plot, if you can call it one, is a twisted nightmare: Two women and one man are facing the end of the world.

Chatman wrote four scripts and submitted them to specialty adult-video companies that cater to homemade scripts for niche fetishes. Rather than send a typical dirty scenario, however, Chatman wrote non-sexual, apocalyptic stories that the barely-capable actors and filmmakers then adapted into short, made-to-order videos. The results all share a tone of surreal Hell, but with unique looks and performance styles.

You've got to come see this, possibly the weirdest and most wonderful film we've ever played. FINAL FLESH - Wednesday 9/15 at 10:00pm @Ritz.


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