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Announcing the 2012 off-centered film fest!

Don’t miss this landmark anniversary of off-centered beer and off-centered film!

Announcing the 2012 off-centered film fest!

Once a year The Alamo teams up with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery for a magical weekend of craft beer, gourmet food and quality film.  We call this crazy marriage the Off-Centered Film Festival and this April 19th, 20th and 21st, we’re celebrating 5 years of wedded bliss at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar.  

When it came to figure out how to celebrate this milestone anniversary, after much deliberation (read: many beers) we thought we could have a lot of fun with a 'Western' theme- so here we are! Over the past years, the fest has grown and morphed into one of Austin’s premier beer community events, and we hope that you’ll join us for the festivities! Tickets for each screening go on sale Wednesday April 4th.

We are kicking the fest off with a Rolling Roadshow in downtown Austin featuring a BLAZING SADDLES Quote-Along Beer Party complete with free beans, cap guns and plenty of pies! In addition, all of our friends from the Central Texas brewing community will be out in full force showcasing their most extreme, new, vintage and rare brews.  There will be even more amazing libations here than last year because the local beer scene has blossomed so much in the last 365 days! Count on washing down all the amazing native beers with a scoop from the big pot of beans that we’ll have stationed in front on the screen to best help you live that one scene from BLAZING SADDLES.   You know the one.  Oh, AND we'll be helping raise funds for a wonderful non-profit - the Texas Craft Brewers Guild at our PIE BOOTH, where you'll be able to take a messy pie to a brewmasters face all night long!  Click HERE for more info.  

At this year’s festival, we’re also going to have the best Spaghetti Western feast we’ve ever pulled off.  We’re screening the Sergio Leone 1968 epic ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST along with a VERY special portfolio tasting from Dogfish Head.  Click HERE for the full menu… and prepare to drool.  Alamo Executive Chef John Bullington is crafting the best Italian food you’ve ever had to go with each of these distinctive beers and rugged good looks of Charles Bronson and Henry Fonda.  Whoever says that wine is the “proper” beverage to go with a nice meal hasn’t been paying attention.

Dogfish Head Founder and Head-Brewer Sam Calagione will be on hand for all of the festivities all the way from Delaware and is bringing with him some of our favorite comedic actors, writers and directors: David Wain, Ken Marino and Joe Lo Truglio!  This motley crew of hilarious beer advocates will be hosting each event as well as an extremely special evening that focuses on the hit web series WAINY DAYS.  We’ll be exploring the show with craft beer goggles on and showcasing the best absurd episodes from all 5 seasons! Click HERE for more info.   Hooray!

Lastly, The SHORT FILM COMPETITION  component of the fest is a time for filmmakers and beer enthusiasts alike to come together to find common ground. As always, each entry had to include Dogfish Head and be generally “off centered”, and this year each entry also had to have a western twist. With so much room for interpretation, there is always some pretty wild stuff on screen that you’re going to want to see with a crowd! The OCFF screenings are always a blast and this year thanks largely in part to the high ABV beers that are available!  Click HERE for more info! 

Don’t miss this landmark anniversary of off-centered beer and off-centered film! it is certain be a doggone rootin’ tootin’ good time for city slickers and cow pokes alike. Emphasis on tootin’.


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