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A Taste of Things to Come - A South Lamar Update

Here we have a peek at what the entrance to the new Alamo South Lamar will look like. Click through to see what it looks like now!

A Taste of Things to Come - A South Lamar Update

The image you see above is a rendering of what the new Alamo South Lamar entry will look like (render credit to Michael Hsu Architecture). One thing to note is that the original Colorado Street Alamo Drafthouse sign will be on this new structure. It is on the wall to the left of the entrance, facing in the direction of what will be one of the driveway entrances to the complex coming from Treadwell and leading to the front of the Alamo. 

Over the past three weeks there’s been quite a bit of progress to the new South Lamar Alamo building. The wall we saw in the previous post has extended to the front of the original theater, and steel beams for the lobby and highball areas have gone up.  So let’s start at the entrance to the theater.

The photo above is of the front of the new theater in its current state of construction. This will be where the entrances to the Alamo Drafthouse and the Highball will be located, with a plaza in front. Select HERE for a high res version of the render of what this area will eventually look like. 

This is going to be the patio for the highball. The plans I’ve seen indicate that there are going to be living spaces directly above this patio portion of the Highball.  Large sliding glass doors will allow the patio to be closed off to the outside. Immediately behind the patio, inside the Highball proper, there will be a seating area with booths. Then beyond that the ballroom and stage.

In this shot you can see the hallway that will lead from the lobby to all of the theaters. It is basically an extension of the original lobby hallway. And along the wall in the center of the photo you can see some metal brackets that are going to be used to attach the joists for the projection booth floor.  While I was visiting the site, some workers were already starting to add the metal joists for this floor. In the top right of this image, a part of one of the new theaters is visible.

Going further down the hallway towards the original set of theaters, this shot shows where the two other new theaters will be situated. The area in the background will be a larger theater than the area in the foreground. The wall in the center of this space gives you an idea of how these two theaters will be situated in relation to each other. The screen in the larger theater will be situated on the wall up in the upper left of this image. The screen for the smaller theater will be against the wall that has yet to be built (which will be roughly in the center of this image).

See the images below for updates on the rest of the complex construction. Building one has pretty much nothing going on, but both buildings two (in the background of the first image below) and building three (bottom image) seem to be putting the finishing touches on the parking structures. The final image is what the Alamo building currently looks like as seen from South Lamar. 


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