Admission & Policies

General Admission to the Alamo Drafthouse is $13.75 for all shows after 2pm and $17.25 for all 3D shows after 2pm. Special programming ticket prices do vary, so check the individual show listing for details. We offer a discounted ticket price on site only at the box office of $11 for regular shows and $14.50 for 3-D shows for children (6-11), seniors (60+) and college students with current ID. All shows before 2pm, except on Holidays, are matinee price of $11, matinee 3D tickets are $14.50.

Seniors (60+) can get into weekday shows before 2pm for only $6. This offer is available at the box office only. Wednesday's Senior Day pricing of $6 all day still applies.

The Alamo Drafthouse Theater box office opens 45 minutes before all scheduled show times. Patrons are welcome to enjoy drinks and appetizers before the film. A rotating program of vintage cartoons and shorts play before the film. Advance tickets are available online for all shows.

Discount Tuesdays
General Admission to the Alamo Drafthouse on Tuesdays is $9 all day. 3D shows are $12.50. Happy Hour: Discounts on local drafts.

Senior Day
Wednesdays- General Admission for all Senior Citizens (60+) is $6.00 all day (including 3D). Tickets are available at the box office only.

The Alamo Drafthouse understands that it is hard for new parents to get out for an evening on the town. That is why we proudly offer Baby Day, the first show of the day on Tuesdays excluding National holidays and special festival screenings. Infants are welcome to these shows, and of course, are allowed in for free. For our baby day shows, we keep the lights up a bit, and the sound down a bit, so your little one never has to know they even went to the movies! Take some time for yourself, pack up the kids, and head out to the Alamo Drafthouse for some much needed entertainment! Look for "BD" next to showtimes.

Smoking is not permitted at the Alamo -- this includes the use of electronic cigarettes. Absolutely NO smoking or "vaping" anywhere on the premises, including the lobbies, hallways, restrooms, or bar areas -- but especially not in any of our theaters.

Age Policy

All patrons must be 18 years or older or be accompanied by a parent. For certain select shows the age polices may vary, but children must always be accompanied by a parent. For details about the age policy for a specific show, please check the show description page.

Full Reserved Seating

All seats are reserved. This is a ‘pick your seat’ model and the seats will be held for you up until show time.  We still recommend you arrive early enough to find your seat with the lights up (typically 30 minutes before show time). We also play custom preshows before all films so you’ll want to be here early for that!  Plus, there’s no onscreen advertising. But, with reserved seating, the seat you bought is yours and there’s no reason to get in line or show up early to guarantee your seat.

No Texting, Talking, Cell Phone Policy

One of the things that makes Alamo a great place to watch movies is our enforcement of the ‘rules for watching movies.’ In other words, we don’t tolerate disruptive behavior in the theaters and we’ve received a lot of press and accolades for our adherence to this position.  If you are a person who likes to talk, text or use your cell phone during a movie, we are not the place for you!  If on the other hand, you crave a great movie watching experience free from interruptions, please join us! We position ourselves as a theater that takes extreme pride in providing an excellent and undisturbed movie watching experience.  If you are a movie lover, you can expect a great environment at our theaters, free from talkers, texters, cell phone users or disruptive behavior.  We enforce the policy with pride and people who disrupt other patrons will be ejected from the theater.  Should you find this policy being broken, please help us and raise an order card to alert the staff and management about a disruptive patron.  Management will handle the problem and we appreciate your help in keeping our great environment in tact! Also, no recording, video or audio, is permitted in any theaters at any time.

No Latecomers Policy

Guests cannot enter the theater after the movie has begun. This means when the feature begins, so you can still come in while our ad tape and trailers are playing. The reason for this policy is to preserve the movie watching experience with minimal interruptions, much like our no talking and texting policy. If you show up to your desired screening late we will happily give you a full refund or exchange your ticket for a different show.

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