They’re the films forever burned in our brains, that we wore out on our VCRs, and that fuel the GIFs that mighty social media accounts were built upon. They’re the films we use to gauge who we can be friends with, and they’re the films that console us after a breakup. They’re the films that we cherish, that we’re passionate about, and that just can’t be confined to a small screen. 

That’s what Alamo Encore is all about.

We think that all movies really, really need to be celebrated with friends and strangers on a giant Alamo Drafthouse screen, but we know that sometimes offering one or two showings in a month isn’t enough. With Alamo Encore screenings, we want to give you as many opportunities to see these films as possible, and so we’re giving each title a limited re-release. That means more showtimes across more days, offering you plenty of chances to catch a show.

Plus, with some Alamo Encore titles we’re even working with our friends at Mondo and Rolling Roadshow to make these screenings extra special. 

Past Alamo Encore Shows

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