Satanic Panic Room FAQ

What is the Satanic Panic Room? The Satanic Panic Room is a physical, real-life Escape Room game where you have exactly 45 minutes to find clues, discover hidden objects, and use your intuition to solve a series of puzzles and appease the Devil himself before your time runs out and your group is sacrificed in a blood ritual to the Dark Lord! Escape Rooms are a growing form of live entertainment that challenge you and your team to work together in a unique and fun environment, think of it as a real-life video game. No experience is necessary, so whether it’s your first time trying out an Escape Room or you’re a veteran, Satanic Panic will be unlike anything you’ve played before. Who goes to Escape Rooms? Escape Rooms are a fun and challenging group activity for friends, family, date night, and office team building. There are even competitive Escape Room teams popping up around the country. How many people can play? The Satanic Panic Room is uniquely designed for exactly four players. You will not be able to play Satanic Panic without a full team of four. How do we book the room? You can book your group HERE. (***INSERT LINK***). Please make sure you have a group of four before you book. Payment is required as one single payment of $120 plus taxes and fees. What if I don’t have four people? Sign up HERE (***INSERT FORM LINK***) if you are a single player looking for a group or use #SatanicPanic on Twitter. Click HERE(***INSERT FORM LINK***) if you are a group looking for an extra player, or use #SatanicPanic on Twitter! Note: If your complete group of four players is not present at your booked time, you cannot play the room and you will not receive a refund. How long is the Escape Room? The entire experience can last up to 90 minutes. You will have 45 minutes to solve the Satanic Panic escape room but must arrive 15 minutes early to check in, and you should plan a 15 minute buffer afterwards in case you run over the time limit or the party before you does. Where is the Escape Room? The Escape Room is located inside The Highball, connected to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar at 1120 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78704. When should I arrive? Your full group of four should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. When the group is fully gathered, report to The Highball reservation booth where you will receive a pager. When the pager goes off it’s time to start your game, and you’ll receive further instructions from our staff. Your slot will be sacrificed if you do not have your full group checked in BEFORE your scheduled time. Can I get a drink at The Highball before my game? Yes, but all tabs must be paid before your game will start. We recommend not starting a tab and paying out when you order if you are waiting for a game so that you are not late (late = no game and no refund). Also, if you are visibly intoxicated we reserve the right to refuse your party. How far in advance should I book? Reservations during the week for Fantastic Fest are likely to go fast, so we recommend reserving your game as soon as possible. If you wish to skip the festival crowds, the room will be open for bookings through October. Will I have to sign a waiver? YES, all players must sign our safety and liability waivers before playing. Are we really locked in the room? NO. In this room you are not physically locked in the room. You can end your experience at any time in case of emergency. Our staff will be monitoring your progress and can assist in emergency situations. Is it scary? NO. Though the premise is based around demonic sacrifice, nothing in the room is scary. It’s a fun game about solving puzzles, working as a team, and getting out in time! What happens if I lose? Don’t think you can escape in under 45 minutes? Don’t worry about it! The point of Satanic Panic Room is to have fun. After 45 minutes your game will end and our staff will escort you back to The Highball. Can I play again? Yes, however spoiling the room for other players is frowned upon. If you’d like to try playing again to get a faster time or to find out what happens when you win, we recommend using a group of players who have already been through the room once. Do I need to bring anything? No. Phones, bags, purses, flashlights, paper and pen will NOT be allowed into the room. We’ll provide you with everything you need to serve the Dark Lord. Can kids participate? No. Players must be 16 years of age or older. ** Any tips or advice for first timers? Communicate with each other at all times. Work together, delegate, and share what you’ve found. The answers to all puzzles can be found IN the room itself. If you find yourself stuck, you can ask for clues (more information on this available during your orientation). You won’t need to study up, learn specific facts, or memorize history to play an escape room. All puzzles are logical, intuitive, and team based. You will fail as a group, or succeed as a group.