The Alamo Experience

The best film, food and drink all in one seat.


From blockbusters to oddities, they've all got a home here. We also have live events, famous guests, quote-alongs, retrospectives and exclusive restorations.


Our obsession for movies is paralleled only by our obsession for beer. We pride ourselves in serving only the finest craft beers and supporting the best microbreweries.


The best food served directly to your seat. We have a full, multi-course menu where every meal is prepared from scratch specifically for you.


We have the best projection and sound, supporting both digital and film projection. Fewer seats ensures the best viewing experience wherever you sit. One thing you won't find in our theaters is talking or texting.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Sloans Lake
4255 W. Colfax Ave. • Denver, CO 80204

The Movie Quiz


What color jacket is the little girl wearing in SCHINDLER'S LIST?


What is the name of Quint’s boat in JAWS?


In Ant-Man, what is the name of the comedian alter ego of the Baskin Robbins manager who fires Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)?


In what Colorado town did Terrence Malick start filming BADLANDS?


During dinner in The Temple of Doom, an anecdote mentions that Indiana Jones was accused of being a grave-robber in which country?