LABYRINTH Sing-Along will give you a reason to dance, magic dance

  This November we will be screening the LABYRINTH Sing-Along a total of three times. That’s three times the “Magic Dance,” three times the “As the World Falls Down” and three times the gigantic codpiece Bowie sports in his oh-too-tight pants. 

Music royalty reigns supreme at YE-Z IN LOVE Sing-Along

This November The Action Pack is celebrating the complex relationships of three of music's biggest performers with a two-hour Sing-Along event featuring the career highlights of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West. You’ll get both solo efforts from the trio plus all sorts of collaborations. Best of all, we’ll have props available to ring in the celebration — including glow rings, in fact. As with all of our Sing-Alongs, we’ll throw up subtitles to all the songs to help you keep up with the mad flows and catchy chorus from the hip-hop royalty.