Check out our beer system for Vintage Park

This set-up is a state of the art system that will allow us to serve virtually any kind of beer from any kind of keg we can procure in Texas. And, if the occasion is special enough, a keg or two featuring something a little rarer.

See E.T. on the big screen for free this holiday season at Mason Park

Beginning this weekend, the kids are out of school and home for the holidays. By December 31, they are going to be bored out of their minds, looking for something to do and your wallet will be whimpering from all the related expenses that come with the holidays. Don’t fret! The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Mason Park is here to help.

See ROLLING THUNDER, one of the greatest action movies of all time, in 35mm this December

Movies like ROLLING THUNDER are the reason why BADASS 101 exists. The Badass Digest co-hosted series, monthly screenings of kick ass action films in 35mm, has been going strong since May and together we’ve seen a variety of cinematic badasses flicker across the screen. No movie in the series, though, has come close to capturing the raw, undiluted sheen of grit-stained, hairy knuckle machismo like ROLLING THUNDER.