Join Ain’t It Cool News’ Nordling for a stunning new 4K digital restoration of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA

This Friday, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Mason Park will screen a freshly restored 4K digital print of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA. The classic film celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year and, while we weren’t able to mark the occasion at the time, it would be irresponsible of us, as movie lovers, to let too long of a time go by without screening the film.

We want to hear you laughing in the PURPLE RAIN this January

Tickets for this one-night-only screening are $5. So pull your favorite puffy shirt out of the closet, oil up your chest and get ready to grind along to “Darling Nikki” at this Music Monday screening. We’ll have an air guitar riff-off contest before the film so show up early!