Terror Tuesday


Director Paul Hunt
Year 1987
Starring Kenneth Roper Jr., Rhonda Gray, Darryl Tong
Rating R
Run Time 95min
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A man erupts in rage from a sound sleep. His perm is flattened. His whitey-tighties ride. The man's name is Dean. Dean's girlfriend inquires about his well-being. Dean says, "Hey fuck you, Miss Perfect! And don’t you EVER call me a pussy!" Dean destroys a cot. Dean throws beer cans at a hitchhiker for no good reason and yells, "Ha! Fuckin' asshole!" Dean refers to other men as "homeboys." Dean also has friends. Friends like the buff Korean guy with a weapons fetish ("I brought my whole arsenal!"). Friends like the Britney Spears look-a-like with major wig difficulties. Friends who fight for their lives against the demonic "Camp Paradise Killer" while engaging in a multicultural, multimulleted sauna orgy. TWISTED NIGHTMARE is a plotless, direct-to-video scuzz-slasher that features a treasure trove of 1980s imbeciles. It also features death via antler impalement, feet-through-the-chest, and teleportation. This movie has no right to exist on 35mm, but it does. And we've got it. That's what friends are for. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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