Terror Tuesday

THE SADIST with Arch Hall, Jr. in person!

Director James Landis
Year 1963
Starring Arch Hall Jr., Richard Alden, Marilyn Manning
Rating UR
Run Time 92min
More Info IMDb

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California is a beautiful place. But it's also a place where evil lurks, in the form of . . . Arch Hall, Jr.! Loosely based on the crimes of Charles Starkweather, who provided the sicko inspiration for BADLANDS and NATURAL BORN KILLERS, THE SADIST is a rabid, angst-filled champion of 1960s horror. Teen exploitation star Arch Hall, Jr. (WILD GUITAR, EEGAH) trades in his Fender Strat for a Colt pistol as "Charlie," a giggling, bug-eyed scumbag with a rude tan. With the help of an unhinged baby-doll girlfriend, Charlie terrorizes a small group of travelers as they make their way to a Los Angeles Dodgers game. Beautifully photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond (THE LONG GOODBYE, DELIVERANCE) and presented in real time, THE SADIST is a quiet, unexpectedly ferocious nail-biter that's filled with incredible performances and a sense of constant doom. If an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE was directed by Tobe Hooper circa 1974, it might have turned out like this movie. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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