Terror Tuesday


Director Ulli Lommel
Year 1980
Starring Suzanna Love, Ron James, John Carradine
Rating R
Run Time 82min
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If you love to see haunted mirrors eviscerate priests, this is your movie. Lacey witnesses her brother Willy stab a guy who wears pantyhose on his head. That sounds awesome because it is awesome. Twenty years later, grown-up and tormented Lacey shares a farm with her blasé husband, goofy kid, boring grandma, passive-aggressive grandpa, and mute Willy. Lacey's husband says, "Lacey, let’s get ridda these ghosts . . . once and for all!" Suddenly, mirrors are painted black, inanimate objects are killing random people (including priests), and someone wears a sweet TRIUMPH t-shirt. With telekinetic gore-slayings and surprisingly perverted twists, THE BOOGEYMAN is a classic haunted house story coated in the awkward pizzazz of a low-budget slasher. Think AMITYVILLE HORROR meets HALLOWEEN as directed by Lucio Fulci's third cousin who never graduated high school. Add the finest bedroom synthesizer soundtrack of all time, courtesy "Synthe-Sound-Trax," and you're guaranteed at least three-hundred-and-forty-seven smiles with a single viewing of this movie. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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