Terror Tuesday

RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE with director Mike Cartel in person!

Director Mike Cartel
Year 1982
Starring Mike Cartel, Cindy Donlan, Seeska Vandenberg
Rating R
Run Time 105min
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Call RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE the life’s work of a dedicated lunatic. Call it a supernatural porno without the porn. Or, call it the weirdest obscurity to ever hit the Terror Tuesday screen. NO FOOLIN'! When two buff "insect farmers" discover a cardboard coffin with a nude woman in it, Hesperia and her band of female freedom fighters launch an all-out war with the mafia over a suitcase of platinum. Really. That's what happens. Then, the bug farmers join the fight after a series of strenuous tests, such as sleeping in a barn, having sex, and hanging upside down. Before you know it, a vampire girl appears and someone gets a hot foot. If none of this makes sense, don't worry -- it's not supposed to. Director Mike Cartel may very well be the authoritative expert on brain-frying D.I.Y. filmmaking. Because this is the baffling action-horror hybrid that Doris Wishman might have made after watching FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! in Kenneth Anger's living room. It should be noted that the VHS cover of RUNAWAY NIGHTMARE states: “Viewer discretion advised. Nudity.” (Joseph A. Ziemba)

Special thanks to Vinegar Syndrome for making this screening possible!

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