Director Arthur Penn
Year 1975
Starring Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren, Susan Clark, Edward Binns
Rating R
Run Time 100min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE: CRIME IN THE SEVENTIES.

Gene Hackman plays Harry Moseby, a retired pro football player turned cut-rate private eye who stumbles into a complex smuggling operation while tracking a missing girl, following her trail to Florida Keys while evading various problems of his own involving his father and his wife. Moseby is an average operator, often behind on the score. He trades on his lingering sports fame and a kind of blustery toughness to make easy cases. He's too tired, too depressed, and too slow on the uptake to be of any real use to anyone, including the client he's trying to find.

The labyrinthine mystery plot and pessimistic mood suggest Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald, and like them screenwriter Alan Sharp has more than conventional mystery mechanics on his mind. Released in 1975, near the end of Arthur Penn’s most productive period (which began in 1967 with BONNIE AND CLYDE), this haunting psychological thriller ambitiously sets out to unpack post-Watergate burnout in American life.

"An elegant conundrum, a private-eye film that has its full share of duplicity, violence, and bizarre revelation, but whose mind keeps straying from questions of pure narrative to those of the hero's psyche." - Vincent Canby

"Arthur Penn's NIGHT MOVES is about an old-fashioned private eye who says and does all the expected things while surrounded by a plot he completely fails to understand." - Roger Ebert

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