What is a Snack Pass? 
Snack Passes are special bonus vouchers we gave out with gift card purchases during the holiday season (November 27-December 2 and December 13-December 17). Every $50 dollars you spent got you $10 in tasty Alamo snacks.

When can I use my Snack Pass? 
Snack Pass can only be redeemed from January 18 through February 28th, 2020 excluding February 14th.

Is the Snack Pass only good for snacks? 
Nope! You can use the Snack Pass on any food and beverage purchase in our theaters, with the exception of alcoholic drinks, special feast events, and other types of specialty offerings. 

Do I need to tip my server if I am using a Snack Pass? 
Of course! Snack Pass doesn’t include gratuity, so make sure to tip your server for all their hard work. 

Is Alamo going to have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials? 
We sure are! During Black Friday weekend (November 27-December 2 and December 13-December 17), we’ll be giving out $10 Snack Passes for every $50 gift card purchase. Also, if you buy $50 in gift cards at one of our theaters, you’ll get a mystery item + a $10 Snack Pass.

Can I use multiple Snack Passes together? 
Unfortunately, no. Only one Snack Pass, of any amount, can be used in a single transaction. 

Do you have to buy a gift card in person to get a Snack Pass? 
Nope! You can also receive a digital Snack Pass if you make a Gift Card purchase online!

Can I still buy a fanny pack online? 
Yep! You can add a fanny pack to your online gift card order for $19.99, and online gift card orders of $50 or more will still receive the Snack Pass. 

Can I buy a gift card and Snack Pass during the movie? 
Sure thing! Just raise an order card and let your server know that you would like to purchase a gift card and they’ll add it to your tab. 

What happens if I lose my Snack Pass? 
Unfortunately, we have no way of tracking the printed Snack Passes, so we would be unable to replace it if you lose it. 

Can I give my Snack Pass to someone else? 
Please do! Snack Passes aren’t tied to any specific account, so feel free to give it to a friend or family member. 

Can I use just half of my Snack Pass? 
While you can apply a Snack Pass to a total less than $10, no change can be made for a Snack Pass. If you’re afraid of over ordering, always remember our servers are more than happy to box up any uneaten food and let you take it home with you.

Can I show my digital Snack Pass on my phone?
No, if you have received a digital Snack Pass, it must be printed out before coming to the theater. Just hand the printed out Snack Pass to your server and you’re good to go! 

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