Adjust your tracking and rewind your mind for the most radical weekend of your life! Join us and press play for two fun-filled and nostalgia-soaked days and nights, as we celebrate the glory of the incredibly enduring and iconic video format with screenings, special appearances and awesome analog-driven events!

Both days kick off with a VHS Swap in the Video Vortex lobby, followed by 4 fantastic presentations of quintessential VHS-centric titles – 8 screenings in total! Special presentations, Q and A with directors in-person, FREE VHS tape repair and care on-site, the Visions of VHS gameshow and more! Prepare for a Total VHS Party!

Here’s the radical rundown for each day of VHStival!

VHStival Pre-Show Party! Friday 10/19

Come out on Friday from 7 – 9pm for a most bodacious board game night featuring the games of MONDO! Interact and play with the dudes from MONDO (yeah, they’ll be hanging out!) and enjoy a play-through of THE THING: INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31 and be one of the first humans on earth to test our their newest game creation FIGHT CLUB: THE HOME GAME! Don’t worry: you can talk about it!

PLUS! Friday night also offers a tasting of the brand spankin’ new VHS-inspired brew from Trophy Brewing HEAD CLEANER! You know it’s gonna be good, because this beer is totally LUNCHMEAT APPROVED, DUDE!



11:00am- 2:00pm- Tape Swap in Video Vortex will go down featuring over a dozen VHS vendors where you can score your new favorite slab, or find that tape that’s been ever so elusive! So many tapes to be had, dudes!

2:00pm- VIDEO VIOLENCE featuring a special video introduction from director Gary P. Cohen!

4:30pm- REMOTE CONTROL with a groovy Q and A after the film with director Jeff Lieberman live in-person! Jeff will also be hanging out throughout the fest with signed posters and Blu-Ray copies of his films available for purchase! Come by and say hi to a cult movie legend!

7:00pm- STAND BY FOR TAPE BACK-UP with a live performance reading from creator Ross Sutherland! Stay tuned for an enlightening Q and A with Ross after his performance!

9:30pm- WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL with a crazy cool Q and A with director Chris LaMartina after the feature! Hear all about the making of the film, and the quest to create a continuation of WNUF planned to hit a VCR near you!


SUNDAY 10/21

11:00am- 2:00pm- Tape Swap in Video Vortex rises again with another avalanche of analog tape awesomeness! TAPES, TAPES, TAPES! Come and get ‘em, everyone!

2:00pm- SPLIT – This is the never-before-seen extended director’s cut of the underground sci-fi freakout cult classic! Be one of the first ever to see it on the big screen, and have the chance to snag a super limited edition VHS re-issue of the extended cut of SPLIT from Verboden Video and Lunchmeat!

4:30pm- ADJUST YOUR TRACKING with a what’s VHSure to be a totally amazing Q and A with director Dan Kinem, producer Josh Schafer and star Zack Carlson as they look back on the film 5 years later and discuss the progression and current climate of VHS collecting culture!

7:00pm- FOUND FOOTAGE FEST rocks the house with a collection of video store-centric clips and snips blended with their signature brand of criticism and comedy. The FFF boys will be hanging loose after the screening for a Q and A, so be sure to stick around and ask them anything that’s on your brain!

9:30pm- AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO, the original found footage shocker that started them all (way before The Blair Witch Project!) on the big screen! As an incredible special treat,  ADHV director Jack Perez will be in attendance for the event and will be doing a Q and A after the feature! Not to be missed!


All this, plus pop-up VHS-centric challenges and games in the lobby, and the VISIONS OF VHS game show before each screening on both days of the festival. What’s the VISIONS OF VHS game show, you ask? You’ll just have to get in on the screenings to find out! This will be the most radical rewind-inclined weekend of all-time!

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Just scroll down, click through to grab your tickets! Can't wait to VHSee you there!

Screening Lineup

Select Market

  • Sat, Oct 20 at 2pm


    Meet a cult of small-town psychos obsessed with homemade bloodshed who propagate perverted snuff films via their local video shop. Includes a special video intro from director GARY P. COHEN!

  • Sat, Oct 20 at 4:30pm


    Hypnotized by the new display for a movie called Remote Control, the patrons of a video store rip and swing at each other to rent the new release. Director Jeff Lieberman in person!

  • Sat, Oct 20 at 7:00pm


    An experimental film by poet Ross Sutherland that collects fragments of old films, TV shows and commercials harvested from random VHS tapes.

  • Sat, Oct 20 at 9:30pm


    For decades, obscure film collectors and lovers of esoteric cinema have sought it... Finally, the search is over. Includes a live Q&A with director CHRIS LaMARTINA!

  • Sun, Oct 21 at 2pm


    Criminally under-seen surreal sci-fi journey that you must see to believe! A special screening of the previously unseen director’s cut.

  • Sun, Oct 21 at 4:30pm


    This feature-length documentary investigates the incredible cult of video fiends. Five Year Anniversary Screening! Live Q&A with director Dan Kinem, producer Josh Schafer and star Zack Carlson!

  • Sun, Oct 21 at 7pm


    The Found Footage Festival comes to town with an all-new collection of unusual and outrageous clips scavenged from VHS. Includes a live Q&A with Nick and Joe after the performance!

  • Sun, Oct 21 at 9:50pm


    Prepare yourself for a rip-roaring ride through the incredibly raw and realistic shot-on-video found footage shocker. Director Jack Perez will be in-person and doing a Q&A after the film!