Ernie Cline’s word-of-mouth favorite turned bestselling novel is about to make the jump to the big screen in an eye-popping cinematic adaptation from none other than iconic director Steven Spielberg. It’s the perfect level-up for this pulse-pounding sci-fi adventure story overflowing with enough pop culture Easter eggs to delightfully melt your ‘80s child synapses.

But, before you dive into the dazzling virtual reality future of READY PLAYER ONE, take a vital trip to the cinematic past with PRESS START TO CONTINUE, a limited series curated by Cline himself. These are the brain-blasts of pure unbridled awesomeness that inspired and punctuate Cline’s richly rendered world of sci-fi thrills and retro nostalgia. Experiencing them again - or for the first time! - on the big screen is an immersive rush unrivaled this side of the OASIS.

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