"Could there possibly be any scarier way to watch JAWS?"

"Now, this is how JAWS was meant to be seen."

"As the lights dimmed, I pushed off on my inner tube and floated into position near the screen. "It's only a movie," I repeated to myself, as the ostinato ramped up and the shark took its first victim."
- USA Today

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... our JAWS ON THE WATER screenings are back. And they're bigger, better, and bite-ier than ever!

Steven Spielberg's 1975 chomper is the perfect summer blockbuster, and watching it while your feet dangle in the murky depths below you is the ultimate way to celebrate the season.

We're taking over an all-new location this year, and we're building out our own little Amity Island beach party before the screening, with several new activities to keep you entertained.

The Lone Star Beer Garden will be serving plenty of liquid courage, and we'll be donating a portion of all sales to the good people at the American Genre Film Archive to help support their mission of saving and sharing rare and obscure genre films with the widest audience possible. PLUS we'll have a variety of Great White-sized giant games to play while you wait to get in the water!

Mondo will be hosting a pop-up shop on site featuring several new JAWS products including enamel pins, t-shirts and a gorgeous poster by Phantom City Creative! These items will be available at the first showing (6/23) through remaining JAWS on the Water dates (while supplies last). Stay tuned to Mondo’s Twitter feed (@MondoNews) for more information.

Bite back and take on the biggest, baddest beasts of the sea in new Jaws-inspired styles. Sperry + Jaws collection available on Zappos.com. Shop now! 

And when you do get in the water, you'll be doing it in a new and improved, exclusively designed inner tube created just for this year's floating events. Tubes are included with every ticket, and after the movie you can take it home with you for more Texas tubing fun. Assuming you survive the terror of JAWS ON THE WATER, of course.

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Date City State Venue
Thu, Jun 23 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Fri, Jun 24 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Sat, Jun 25 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Sun, Jun 26 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Thu, Jun 30 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Fri, Jul 1 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Sat, Jul 2 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Sun, Jul 3 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!
Mon, Jul 4 Del Valle TX Next Level Ride Austin Sold Out!

Exclusive Collectibles


Where is the Next Level Ride Austin?

It's a little bit east of the Austin airport on Highway 71: 5400 TX-71, Del Valle, TX 78617. You can grab a link on our Eventbrite page to grab a Google map listing and find the best directions from your starting point. But one important note - our parking lot will actually be off of the street just before the entrance - Wolf Lane. We'll have a big sign there, but look out the window at signs and don't just follow your GPS blindly!

What's the parking situation?

Parking on site will be $5, so definitely plan on carpooling to save a few bucks. We've partnered with a landowner directly next to Next Level Ride to use their fields for parking, and we'll have attendants on site to help you get to your spot. Just remember that the entrance to the parking lot is on Wolf Lane, which is just west of the entrance to Next Level Ride. Follow the signs and it should be easy.

What's the schedule for the evening?

Doors open at 6p. We'll have registration ready to go a little bit before that, so you can get checked in, then make your way inside. Food trucks, bars, the beer garden and all activities will be open inside the space throughout the evening, then we'll get in the water at 8:50p or so and the movie will start a little after 9p.

Will there be food & drinks?

Yes! We'll have a beer garden with plenty of drinks, and a selection of food trucks will also be available. Cash and credit cards accepted.

What can I bring?

A bathing suit! A towel! A lawn chair! And if you have a different floatation device you'd like to use, bring that, too! We will be a TABC licensed venue for this event, which means that just like any other bar or restaurant that serves alcohol they can not allow our guests to bring in outside food or drinks, so please leave coolers and lunch boxes at home.

Are storage lockers available to rent on site?

Unfortunately, there are no storage lockers for any personal belongings. Please only bring what you absolutely need. We recommend leaving any valuables securely locked and out of plain site in your vehicle. You are solely responsible for all your personal items.

What can't I bring?

No weapons of any kind, no drugs, no outside food or drink, no pets (sharks love to eat pets).

I don't want to swim, but I want to watch people swim and watch the movie! Can I?

Sure thing! There is plenty of shore space with a great view of the screen for you to enjoy.