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Fame, Fortune & Glory Up for Grabs - Off-Centered Film Fest 2014!

Make a Totally Stuntin' short for this year's Off-Centered Film Fest and you could WIN BIG AT LIFE!!

Fame, Fortune & Glory Up for Grabs - Off-Centered Film Fest 2014!

The Seventh Annual Off-Centered Film Fest is nearly here. Presented by the Alamo Drafthouse and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, OCFF is three full days packed with craft beer, delicious food, special events and home-grown films. Here's how you can join in on the fun, share your talent with the world and generally WIN AT LIFE in just two easy steps:

Step 1) Make a totally Stuntin’ off-centered short!!

Step 2) Win $2,500, travel to the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Texas. Win passes to film festivals, free beers, kayaks... and oh yeah, GLORY!

It’s that easy and loads of fun. YEP, the chance to submit to the 2014 Off-Centered Film Festival is NOW.  You’ve got until March 5th to submit your Stuntin’ short, cross your fingers about winning and then bask in triumph, stardom and beer!

If yours is selected as one of the top three films, we’ll fly you down to Austin for a weekend of craft beer and stunt-tastic movies as part of the Off-Centered Film Festival! We'll put you up in moderate luxury, make sure you get to down a few brews with Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione, and generally get to take part in the kind of wild stories you take with you to the grave.

We’ll announce the GRAND prize winner at the fest! That lucky daredevil will take home $2,500 and enough special Austin-memories to fill a suitcase.  Then, later in the year, the winner gets flown to Delaware, where they'll kayak around the coast with the Dogfish crew after getting wined and dined at the Dogfish pub… and then even LATER in the year, they'll come back to Austin as a VIP at Fantastic Fest [link to]! 

Wheew!  That’s a lot of prizes y'all! What are you waiting for? Get the full details about submissions and this year's Off-Centered Film Fest HERE


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