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At most screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse we're hyper vigilant about making sure that no one in the theater talks during the movie. But we throw that rule out the window when the Action Pack takes over the theater for one of their patented Sing-Alongs or Quote-Alongs.

Sing-Alongs are full-on theatrical dance parties: taking the best parts of going to a concert and mixing it together with the best parts of going to a movie theater to create something completely new (and overwhelmingly awesome). You never feel out of place because, even if you're not on your feet or dancing, they lovingly project all the lyrics on the screen so you can wail along with a theater full of people who love these songs just as much as you do, even if you don't know every single word.

Quote-Alongs take your favorite movies and add in karaoke-like subtitles for the best lines so that everyone can yell out, "I know you are, but what am I?" right on cue with Pee Wee.

Of course, no Action Pack event is complete without props and a live game during the introduction. Past events have featured everything from glow sticks to inflatable swords, with Moulin Rouge can-can dance-offs and a ridiculous Super Troopers syrup-chugging competition before the movie.

Check out the posters above to scroll through a list of upcoming Action Pack events in your market, and follow the Action Pack on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date on all of their events or even suggest future titles you want to see at the Alamo!

The Action Pack also curates Hecklevision, so be sure and check out that fun too!

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