ZZANG!!! = '80s Insanity UNLEASHED in 35mm!!!

    There is absolutely no disputing that the '80s were The Decade of FUN. Neon-streaked good times exploded worldwide in the form of celebrities (Pee-Wee, Mr. T, Max Headroom), music (punk, new wave, metal) and -- in an epic lightning bolt of unrelenting wildness -- MOVIES!

    Well, local spazzmatics Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly demand that YOU join us in hailing the Power of the '80s in the Alamo's monthly series: ZZANG!!!

    Previous Event Highlights:

    Free VHS Give-aways at the ZAPPED opening

    Brand new 35mm Print of BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

    CAVEMAN with guest Writer/Director Carl Gottlieb

    ROAD HOUSE with guest David Scmhader

    THE LAST DRAGON with guest Joe Bob Briggs

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