Weird Wednesday

    Part of our mission at the Alamo Drafthouse is to provide audiences with a first-class film education. That refers to not only the sort of movie "classics" that are seen and discussed in our nation's finer film schools, but also movies that have never been seen in any educational context at all. These movies may be depraved and disreputable in many cases but they represent an important period, now long gone, in both movie and social history. Since 2001, Weird Wednesday has been the home of these exploitation classics -- from cheerleaders gone bad to blaxploitation, from killer mutant animals to women in prison. Many of these films are so obscure that little is known or has been written about them. Some of them are challenging, all of them are enjoyable, and a rare few are mind-blowingly amazing. Weird Wednesday is the vanguard of exploitation cinema exploration in Austin on 35mm. Join us every Wednesday for $3!

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