Kids and Teens

Bring your kids to the Alamo Drafthouse for one of our specialized parties that guarantee an engaging and memorable experience! Best of all, we take care of everything for you - no set up, no clean up!  Discounted pricing available at 9 am on weekends.  Children's party pricing is available for guests under age 12.

PJ Party with Breakfast Buffet

Give the kids a reason to wear their pajamas outside of the house! Bring them to the Alamo to eat fun food and enjoy a movie with their friends.  Watch a new release, bring your favorite movie from home or enjoy one of our specialty party options (below).  We offer a breakfast taco buffet, continental breakfast, or our classic favorite, the cereal buffet, designed just for kids.

Cartoon Cereal Party

Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to just sit back and relax in your PJ's.  We'll provide a cereal buffet and over 90 minutes of our favorite Looney Tunes cartoons.  This is one of our most economical packages, and is great fun for everyone.

Junior Chef Party

Calling all kitchen helpers and mess makers!  This party is hosted by our culinary team and includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the Alamo kitchen and the chance for each child to make their own pizza before sitting down to watch the movie of your choice.

Power Princess Party

Do you find yourself saying “Your Majesty” every morning over orange juice?  Is the back seat of your car constantly covered with glitter?  Then you have a princess on your hands.  Pick from our list of adventurous princess movies and let us give the traditional princess story an updated twist.  Our awesome party host will lead your small heroines through fun contests that show that a princess is more than a pretty face.  Glittery props included in every event, naturally.   (Ages 3-9 yrs.)

Superhero Party

Superfriends Unite! This superhero-themed party is great for younger kids who want to test their powers and have lots of fun along the way.   Our  interactive party host will get them on their feet and flexing their muscles before settling in to watch their favorite superhero movie.  Themed props included in every event.  Capes and masks are highly encouraged!  (Ages 3-11 yrs.)

Monster Stomp Party

Kids will turn into little monsters as they compete to see who's the scariest ghoul of them all with the assistance of our party host.   After all of the teeth-gnashing is over, your little beasts can enjoy their favorite cuddly (or scary) monster movie and play along with themed props.  (Ages 4-12 yrs.)​

Junior Viking Party

You don't have to destroy an entire village to have a great time.  But it helps.  We'll provide the Viking helmets and inflatable swords and lead some fun Viking games.  Following the festivities, we'll settle in to watch HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2.  (Ages 5-12 yrs.)

Girl Sleuth Party

Nancy Drew is awesome!  She solves mysteries!  She wears plaid!  This party invites your children to pull out their inner detectives as they help solve crimes and catch bad guys. Movie-themed props and our awesome Alamo hosts will make this a truly one-of-a-kind event.  (Ages 8-12 yrs.)       


We also offer party options for guests that are too big for a kid party but not quite ready for prime time.  Check out these awesome ideas for a truly special celebration!

Video Games on Big Screen

Let’s be honest.  Kids love video games.  And they’ve never seen video games on a screen as big as ours.  Bring in your gaming system and favorite games or use ours for an awesome interactive party.  This one is fun for kids of ANY age (hint:  your husband’s 40th birthday is coming up…).


For one day out of the year, your teen can text inside an Alamo theater to their heart’s content.  Introducing HeckleVision!   Pick your favorite (or most annoying) movie and let guests text their own commentary straight from their phones to the big screen.  One of our awesome hosts will be on hand to get the party started and get those snarky comments flowing.

Action Pack Sing-Alongs and Quote-Alongs

We throw the rules out the window when the Action Pack takes over the theater for one of our patented Sing-Alongs or Quote-Alongs.  Your teen will love these truly unique events to celebrate their special day.

  • Sing-Alongs are full-on theatrical dance parties: taking the best parts of going to a concert and mixing it together with the best parts of going to a movie theater to create something completely new (and overwhelmingly awesome). Guests never feel out of place because, even if they're not on their feet or dancing, we project all the lyrics on the screen so they can sing along with a theater full of friends who love these songs just as much as they do.  Mom and Dad can even sing along for maximum embarrassment, even if they don’t know every single word.
  • Quote-Alongs take your favorite movies and add in karaoke-like quotes so that everyone can yell out, "I know you are, but what am I?" right on cue with Pee Wee. 

Of course, no Action Pack event is complete without props and a live game during the introduction.  Many of our Action Pack titles are suitable for guests ages 12 and up.  Contact us for age-appropriate recommendations for the younger guests.  For a list of our current Quote-along and Sing-along options, contact by clicking the Book an Event button at the top of the page.

New Release screenings are also available for private parties.

*Not all party options are available at all locations.*