Tough Guy Cinema


    Tough Guy Cinema loves action movies. One day we sat down and thought, "how could we make these awesome movies....awesomer?" We then glanced down at our "What Would Michael Bay Do?" bracelets and realized the answer was right in front of us: live explosions!

    You could always find us playing a solid '90s Michael Bay actioner or classic Schwarzennegger, but NOW we are looking to expand our repertoire with classic tough guys in the vein of Van Damme, Segal, Bronson and more. Select shows will have LIVE PYROTECHNICS to explode along during your favorite key action sequences and other times we will just be screening the most bad ass of the bad asses as we celebrate the greatest tough guys in cinema history. So whether you like your fireworks on or off the screen, Tough Guy Cinema has you covered with white knuckled hairy chested awesomeness. (Greg MacLennan)