Only At The Alamo

    Because other theaters are afraid of anything this awesome.

    What is Only at the Alamo? It's whatever you're not going to find any place else. It's anything that catches our attention and that we want to share with our audiences. It's the stuff that gets buzzed about. It's the stuff you can't believe you saw. Or, it's the stuff you wish you'd seen when you're friends bragged about seeing it -- so stop missing out already and check this page frequently!

    Basically, Only at the Alamo is anything that's awesome. That's a pretty broad definition...  and it's totally intentional. That means shows flying under this banner can be anything from the latest thought-provoking indie film that all the critics are talking about but no other theater is playing (like Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void, most recently), or it can be the latest cult movie sensation in the making (like the bizonkers Endhiran: The Robot), or exclusive encore presentations of festival hits from SXSW and Fantastic Fest. And sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a rock band made up of live cats. For real.